Trinity Episcopal Church
Welcomes You

Community. Celebration. Spirit. Love.


Relax! If you are thinking about visiting Trinity, you are already among friends. We are followers of Jesus’ Way and strive to follow Christ’s Way of Love. Our faith community welcomes all people without exception to both God’s Table and Christ’s Way of Love.

Jesus’ Way of Love is a multi-faceted way of life that includes loving and serving God in all people and taking care to love ourselves as well as other people and all of God’s creation. You can read more about that Way of Love by following this link. As our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has said, “If it’s not about love, it’s not about God.”

Walking into a church for the first time, or for the first time in a long time, can be intimidating. Please be assured that at Trinity, you’ll receive a warm, relaxed welcome. We’re genuinely glad that you’ve chosen to worship with us, and we look forward to meeting you. If you have children, we’re happy to see them, too. They are welcome to participate in Godly Play and worship with you.

Sun rising over the Earth
The Manifestation of Christ
The Feast of Epiphany, January 6, commemorates the coming of the Magi who reveals Christ’s mission to the world. The light of God’s salvation is revealed to all people in the person of Jesus, the Son of God. Christ was revealed as God through the Magi, through his presentation at the Temple, through John the Baptist’s testimony, through the Voice at his baptism, through the miracle at Cana, through his healings, through Peter’s confession, and through the Transfiguration. The Season after Epiphany is celebrated until the Lenten season begins on Ash Wednesday.

This Week at Trinity 1/26/22

TRINITY AnokaWelcoming ALL to God’s table and way of love. THIS WEEK AT TRINITYGuest preacher, Benoni Grimes, will break open the Word for us this Sunday, as…

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Our Sunday Service is at 10 am

What's in the service?

– Readings from Jewish & Christian Scriptures.

– A selection from the Book of Psalms

– A Sermon based on the day’s scriptures

– A celebration of communion, or Holy Eucharist

– An affirmation of faith

– Congregational prayers

– Several congregational hymns and choral/musical offerings

Services usually last about an hour long, or maybe a little, but not too much longer. We usually gather for refreshments and sometimes a faith community forum/learning opportunity.

Follow along

The worship leaflet is the basic guide to the service. Most of what you need is found here. Sometimes, we’ll refer to the red Book of Common Prayer in your pew. Most hymns are in the blue 1982 Hymnal or words and music printed in the leaflet.

You can participate

Episcopal worship is participatory. We generally stand to sing, sit during readings and the sermon, and stand or kneel during prayer. Practices vary, even among individual Episcopalians in our own faith community. Some, but by no means all of us, kneel or cross ourselves at various points in the service. These actions are personal aids to worship and are purely optional. Please, do what you find comfortable. As the Anglican saying goes, “All may, some should, none must.”

You are welcome to take communion

You may take the bread (during this COVID time, we are not offering the wine), come forward for a blessing, or choose not to leave your seat at all. The communion table is God’s table, and God’s generosity is great. As our service says, “This table is hosted by our Lord Jesus Christ who welcomes all, no matter your race, class, gender, orientation, belief, or no belief at all.”

God's children come in all ages

Godly Play is available three Sundays with a children’s sermon on the 4th Sunday. Children may come forward with their parents for communion or a blessing. There is a play table next to the seating area adjacent to the baptismal font for children to play quietly so they may be present and participate in worship as they are able.

Prayer Wall

Do you have a prayer need you’d like to share? God is our fortress, in whom we take refuge (Ps 18:2). 

Post a prayer request to our Prayer Wall by clicking here